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CofC Alumni Honor Roll 2020-21

Are you on the CofC Alumni Honor Roll this year? Alumni listed below have donated since July 1, 2020. Let’s surpass 3,000 alumni donors in FY21 and help improve the College's ranking in U.S. News & World Report!

Not on the list? Make a donation today and show your support for your alma mater.

The Alumni Honor Roll of donors will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back if you don’t see your name right away.

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Aurelia L. Abba2009
Emily P. Abedon2020
Laura G. Able2009
Patricia C. Ackerman1967
Melina C. Acosta2015
Anne D. Adams1993
Nora L. Adams1986
Marlene A. Addlestone1964
Frederick M. Adler1993
Lara C. Adler1993
Jason W. Adriance1995
Mary-Frances J. Adriance2000
Lancie A. Affonso1996
Lori E. Aguayo1997
June C. Aiken1987
Alyssa L. Aitken2012
Teresa Akins1983
Sharon W. Alderman1985
Kathryn L. Alex2007
Ashley L. Alexander1994
David W. Alexander1994
E. Mollie Alexander1985
Maria Alfieris1976
Neil E. Alger2009
Marie Allain1999
Nancy E. Allegood1991
Carl M. Allen1977
Parker S. Allen2014
Ellen C. Almond2000
Colin E. Alstad2019
Jennifer M. Alstad2007
Jennet Alterman
Susan W. Altman
Cynthia S. Andereck1981
Ashley Anderson2010
Carolyn N. Anderson1970
James P. Anderson1955
Jeremy P. Anderson2000
Joseph B. Anderson1986
Patricia Anderson1980
Philip Anderson1981
Rebecca L. Anderson2001
Regina H. Anderson1989
Marci L. Andrews1994
Carol F. Antman
Sidney D. Appel1959
Melantha A. Ardrey2002
Creighton W. Armstrong2009
Cristy H. Armstrong2011
Gwynne M. Armstrong1993
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